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Jesper Just

17 December 2017 through 11 March 2018

EYE presents an exhibition devoted to the Danish artist Jesper Just (Copenhagen, 1974). Just created an international stir with cinematographic works in which he explores gender, desires, relations and identity in a refined visual idiom. The exhibition at EYE highlights Just’s large spatial film installations.

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In his work Just challenges stereotypes that have crept into relations between men and women and into the rules that govern human behaviour in public space. He criticises rigid gender roles in a subtle manner that is sometimes humorous and sometimes surrealist.

His works inspire reflection, making you aware of your own prejudices. Just presents uncomfortable situations in which you have to find your way, exposed to your own sense of embarrassment or astonishment.

  • Jesper Just, A Voyage in Dwelling, 2008

  • Jesper Just, installation photo Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2015)

  • Jesper Just, installation photo Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2015)

  • Jesper Just, Intercourses, 2013

  • Jesper Just, This Nameless Spectacle, 2011

  • Jesper Just, This Nameless Spectacle, 2011

For each film installation Jesper Just assembles a large production team that includes trained actors and a professional crew for camera, lighting and sound. He employs a cinematographic language commonly associated with lavish motion picture productions for the cinema: sophisticated use of lighting; remarkable changes in perspective and mise en scène in majestic tableaux vivants; precisely framed images and flowing camera movements.

Just exploits all this to create remarkable film installations. He often deploys multiple screens between which visitors move and regularly uses extreme dimensions, such as 25-metre-wide projections. Complex sound effects and radical interventions in the existing architecture also form an integral aspect of his work. For EYE, Just has come up with an installation that reacts to the specific qualities of the museum building’s unconventional architecture.

Accompanying the exhibition is a programme of films, talks and events in the EYE cinemas.

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