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Martin Scorsese – The Exhibition

25 May through 3 September 2017

Martin Scorsese (1942), the director of such classics as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street, has over time developed a unique style of filmmaking. The son of Italian immigrants, Scorsese grew up in Little Italy, New York, and his films paint a vibrant portrait of this close-knit community. Relationships between his characters – with soulmates Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio often in the leading roles – are marked by mistrust, fear and betrayal. Violence is a key theme, as is the quest for spirituality.

This first exhibition devoted entirely to Scorsese illuminates his work and life. A number of key film fragments are projected on large screens in the exhibition. Accompanying these are over 400 objects and documents taken from the personal collections of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

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Attention: this exhibition was on display from 25 May through 3 September 2017.

A Tale of Hidden Histories

Chia-Wei HSU, Drones, Frosted Bats and the Testimony of the Deceased, four-channel video installation, 3’40 ~ 8’40’’, 2017 © Chia-Wei HSU

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  • The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

  • Tentoonstelling in Cinémateque Francaise - Parijs 2015 / 2016

  • Taxi Driver (1976)

  • Deutsche Kinemathek - Berlin 2013

  • Raging Bull (1980)

  • Casino (1995)

  • Goodfellas (1990)

  • The Aviator (2004)

  • Media installatie op 4 schermen © Deutsche Kinemathek / M. Stefanowski, 2013

Some of the objects you’re going to see were literally taken off walls and shelves in my home and my office, and editing room. A lot of these things are very, very personal. Things from my mother and father’s apartment. Pictures on the walls. And I hope that these objects and memorabilia, all of this, give you some sense of this lifelong passion I’ve had for the cinema and what it means to me. - Scorsese on the exhibition

martin scorsese

With eight Academy Award nominations for Best Director, the American film director of Sicilian descent is the most nominated filmmaker in Oscar history. Among the accolades he has received are a Golden Palm for Taxi Driver, three BAFTA Awards for Goodfellas, and Golden Globes for both Gangs of New York and The Departed.

Scorsese's rich body of work stretches from his experimental early films, to documentaries (Il mio viaggio in Italia) and music films (Shine a Light, The Last Waltz), to the psychological thrillers that made him famous. Acclaimed films include Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Goodfellas (1990), Hugo (2011) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). A remarkable aspect of Scorsese's films is the clear influence of European auteur cinema and of the classical Hollywood repertoire. Scorsese has always studied in depth the history of cinema, and he has championed the preservation of international film heritage through his Film Foundation.

Message from Martin Scorsese for the opening of the exhibition:

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the exhibition

Martin Scorsese -The Exhibition highlights Scorsese's sources of inspiration and presents a clear picture of the close relationship between his life and work. The exhibition includes fragments from his important films on large screens, accompanied by over 400 objects and documents, including photographs, scenarios and storyboards from the personal archives of Scorsese himself and Robert De Niro that have never previously been exhibited. Also on display are set designs by Dante Ferretti, costume designs by Sandy Powell, and original set photos by Brigitte Lacombe. Large screens show scenes from over thirty films by Scorsese.

In addition, the exhibition includes scenes from documentaries that Scorsese made about the history of film, and audio fragments in which Scorsese and his long-time editor Thelma Schoonmaker comment on what is on display. A separate space devotes ample attention to music, which has always played a pivotal role in the work of Scorsese. He has collaborated intensively with prominent film composers such as Bernard Herrmann and Philip Glass, and also made legendary documentaries about the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. The travelling exhibition is split into several categories and themes that recur in the work of Scorsese: Family, Brothers, Men and Women, Lonely Heroes, New York, Cinema, Cinematography, Editing, and Music.

film programme

EYE is screening his most important films and documentaries, including restored versions of such classics as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas. Renowned Dutch actors, filmmakers and artists will introduce their favourite Scorsese film. Goodfellas, Taxi Driver and Raging Bull are also being screened in other cities.

Martin Scorsese is curating a programme of his favourite films from the collections of EYE and his own Film Foundation. In consultation with Scorsese, EYE is also screening classics from non-Western countries that have been restored by his Film Foundation.

An exhibition conceived and organized by the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen in Berlin, in collaboration with EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam.

Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Amvest, Heineken, U.S. Embassy The Hague, de leden van EYE Connect en het U&EYE Fonds.

Full programme

During the exhibition EYE will be screening many of Martin Scorsese's films. In the filmprogramme 'Scorsese's choice' Martin Scorsese himself has made a selection of films that have inspired him as a director.


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Attention: this exhibition has ended. View the current exhibition A Tale of Hidden Histories