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still from Almacita di desolato (Felix de Rooy, NL 1986)

Almacita di Desolato

Felix de Rooy / NL, 1986 / 110 min.

After their first feature film Desiree (1984) set in New York, the Curaçao filmmakers Norman de Palm and Felix de Rooy returned to their native soil for Almacita di desolato. The story is rooted in local myths that award a major role to curses and spirits.

poster Almacita di desolato (Felix de Rooy, NL 1986)
Marian Rolle, previously seen in Desiree, plays Solem, a priestess from the village of Desolato, who is supposed to protect the villagers from illness and harm. The price she paid for her position is that she cannot speak and has had to bid farewell to physical love.

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Felix de Rooy

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Almacita di Desolato


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Felix de Rooy

Felix de Rooy (1952) is a filmmaker from Curaçao who is also active as an actor, visual artist, theatre-maker and collector. Many young makers in the Netherlands and the Caribbean see him as a major source of inspiration. Eye is presenting an overview of short and feature-length fiction films by and with Felix de Rooy.

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In this portrait of Felix de Rooy, he stares at the viewer intently while framing his face with his hands, he wears two prominent rings (© Vincent Jong Tjien Fa)
still from Almacita di desolato (Felix de Rooy, NL 1986)
still from Almacita di desolato (Felix de Rooy, NL 1986)
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