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still Boka Sarantonio (Pacheco Domacasse, NL 1985)

Boka Sarantonio

Pacheco Domacasse / NL, 1985 / 76 min.

Magical tale of a small fishing community on Curaçao where the population turn against an intruder and try to take her out using ‘brua’ (the Antillean term for black magic).

poster Boka Sarantonio (Pacheco Domacasse, NL 1985)
Boka Sarantonio is the magical tale about the despicable habits of a small fishing community on Curaçao. Fisherman Simon (Paul Bérénos) returns to his village of birth Boka Sarantonio after years of long absence with his Columbian wife Adelaida (Lebacs). Being away has changed him to such an extent that the villagers become convinced Adelaida will bring a curse onto the village. To ward the latter off, the barkeeper Rosoura (Rina Penso) uses ‘brua’ – with fatal consequences.

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Pacheco Domacasse

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Boka Sarantonio


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Felix de Rooy

Felix de Rooy (1952) is a filmmaker from Curaçao who is also active as an actor, visual artist, theatre-maker and collector. Many young makers in the Netherlands and the Caribbean see him as a major source of inspiration. Eye is presenting an overview of short and feature-length fiction films by and with Felix de Rooy.

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campaign image Felix de Rooy – The Museum of My Mind (© Vincent Jong Tjien Fa)
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