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still An (Naomi Kawase, JP/FR/DE 2015)


Naomi Kawase / JP, FR, DE, 2015 / 117 min.

A secret recipe turns a small bakery into a success in this subtle feature film by the acclaimed Japanese director Naomi Kawase (The Mourning Forest, Suzaku, Still the Water). Based on the book of the same name by the Japanese author Tetsuya Akikawa.

poster An (Naomi Kawase, JP/FR/DE 2015)

Accompanying the VR experience Missing Pictures, in which Naomi Kawase talks about the comedy of her dreams Oh Debu which she never made, Eye will screen her film An.

In An (A Sweet Taste of Life) Sentaro runs a tiny bakery where he sells 'dorayaki' – Japanese pancakes filled with ‘An’, a sweet red bean paste. Uniformed schoolgirls make up the majority of his customers. When Tokue, a poetic older woman with leprosy-crippled hands, offers to help him in the kitchen, he hesitantly accepts. Tokue proves to make the delicious ‘An’ with love and attention. The little bakery flourishes thanks to her secret recipe. With painful parent-child relationships, the three outcasts Tokue, Sentaro and one of the schoolgirls slowly develop an intimate friendship.

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Naomi Kawase

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Missing Pictures

For every film completed, dozens of potential films fall by the wayside and never make it onto the big screen. In the VR experience Missing Pictures, Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Naomi Kawase, and Lee Myung-Se give us a guided tour of a story they were not able to tell.

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still An (Naomi Kawase, JP/FR/DE 2015)
still An (Naomi Kawase, JP/FR/DE 2015)
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