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still from Dinner in America (Adam Rehmeier, US 2020)

Dinner in America

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Adam Rehmeier / US, 2020 / 106 min.

Punk rocker John Q Public, a pyromaniac out of conviction, unexpectedly ends up romantically entwined with misfit Patty, his biggest fan. Adam Rehmeier’s dryly humorous portrait of quirky love in American suburbs in the tradition of slacker and stoner films, but slightly different. National release in the Netherlands.

poster Dinner in America (Adam Rehmeier, US 2020)

‘Boy meets girl’ is a centuries-old ritual that has to be tackled in ever-new ways. One of the latest variations on the theme is Adam Rehmeier’s Dinner in America, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Rebel with a Cause Award at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.


Prior to the screening of Dinner in America, we will screen the music video Marion (5') by Sander Vos en de Waterlanders from 1998.

This film will also be released in national cinemas by Eye Filmmuseum.

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Adam Rehmeier

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Dinner in America


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still from Dinner in America (Adam Rehmeier, US 2020)
still from Dinner in America (Adam Rehmeier, US 2020)
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