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still from Donna: vrouwen in verzet (Yvonne Scholten, NL 1980)

Donna: Vrouwen in verzet

Meet the Archive 2023: Donna: Vrouwen in verzet

On this opening night of the Eye International Conference, we will present a brand new restoration of a title from the Cinemien collection, Donna: Women in Revolt (1980). Yvonne Scholten impressively portrays 80 years of women's resistance in Italy. Free admission: collect a ticket from the box office on the day.

poster Donna: vrouwen in verzet (Yvonne Scholten, NL 1980)

Eye has advocated for more attention to the role of women in cinema for decades and has undertaken several initiatives on women and (re)writing a more inclusive film history. In 2022, Eye started an oral history pilot study regarding the collection of the feminist film collective Cinemien, which was founded in 1974. Yvonne Scholten is one of the women interviewed in the oral history project.

In Donna: Vrouwen in verzet, Yvonne Scholten impressively portrays 80 years of women's resistance in Italy. Starting from the brutal fascist attack on the Roman free radio station Radio Donna, during a Housewives' Collective broadcast in January 1979, follows a search for the backgrounds of the Italian women's movement through extraordinary archival footage and interviews. Scholten speaks to women who opposed any form of oppression (fascist movements, church, political parties, etc.).

Forgotten roles

The film covers many topics in an accessible manner: the divide between feminists at the beginning of the century and women in the peasant and labour movements of the time, the "women's issue" in the major left-wing parties after the war and second-wave feminism. This film provides a broader understanding of (often forgotten) women's roles in history.

A Season of Classic Film

Curator Simona Monizza, researcher Gerdien Smit and director Yvonne Scholten introduce the premiere of the digital restoration.

The restoration of Donna: Vrouwen in verzet is a collaboration between the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision and Eye Filmmuseum. The restoration has been made possible thanks to A Season of Classic Films, an initiative of Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (ACE) supported by the EU Creative Europe MEDIA programme. A Season of Classic Films brings European films closer to audiences through a programme of free film screenings, provided by national and regional film archives, throughout Europe. Donna: Vrouwen in verzet is the first screening in the 2023 series of several screenings of restored films organised by ACE around Europe.

Free entrance: get a ticket at the box office on the day itself.

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Meet the Archive 2023

Eye’s curators and restorers present their latest discoveries during the Meet the Archive day. This edition: find out more about the history of feminist film collective Cinemien, featuring a screening of the restored Cinemien documentary Donna: vrouwen in verzet.

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Two protesting women stand encircled by police officers wearing helmets, they appear to be shouting, one has her first raised in the air (campaign image Meet the Archive 2023)
still from Donna: vrouwen in verzet (Yvonne Scholten, NL 1980)
still from Donna: vrouwen in verzet (Yvonne Scholten, NL 1980)

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