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Eyeshadow: 24 Hour Party People + The Mighty Breaks

A certified classic with bands to watch out for: this time a show by The Mighty Breaks, a garage band based in The Hague, to accompany 24 Hour Party People, the mockumentary, energetic ode to Tony Wilson, the motor behind the Factory Label en and the renowned The Haçienda nightclub. After ‘Madchester’, prepare for fuzzy guitars and sax!

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It was a historic event: on 4 June 1976, the Sex Pistols did a gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester. There were 42 punters in the small auditorium with its chairs nailed to the floor – all of them went on to become something in the music scene. TV presenter Tony Wilson was one of them. Inspired by the concert, the Cambridge graduate began the record label Factory Records.

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Wilson signed on Joy Division (later New Order) and Happy Mondays; in the early 1980s, he started The Haçienda nightclub in an old factory. The music venue soon became the hub of British rave culture. Ten years later, the club folded due to drugs, violence and financial mismanagement. The Factory Records label suffered the same fate.

Following this sad but curiously energising story, The Mighty Breaks, a garage band from The Hague that”s breaking through internationally, revives the energy of Madchester with five singing band members, fuzzy guitars and even a saxophone. The five are inspired by the work of illustrious predecessors such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Dandy Warhols.

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Cinema and music have been influencing and reinforcing each other since the invention of film. Reason enough for Eye to put that clever combination centre stage in the Eyeshadow series.

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