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Eyeshadow: Mulholland Drive + DOOXS

Eyeshadow brings you cool, offbeat and exciting films followed by live performances in the bar area. On 11 November Eyeshadow presents the trippy Mulholland Drive by David ‘Master of Weird’ Lynch, with a soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti, followed by a show by DOOXS, frosty atmospheric electropop from Rotterdam.

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Even a director as quirky as David Lynch can”t do without a storyline, if only to provide some sort of basis for his surrealistic, time-and-space-distorting perception of reality. In Mulholland Drive a straightforward, somewhat naive young blonde (Naomi Watts) arrives in the big city hoping to break through as an actress. She meets a brunette (Laura Harring), who appears to suffer from amnesia. The two are looked after by a director who gets caught up in a web of gangsters and film moguls. The road to the top is bumpy, unpredictable and shrouded in crime and corruption.

Gradually the two Hollywood archetypes (blond and brunette) begin to lose their hold on themselves, on their dreams and on reality. The meaning of reality in a city that exists to produce dreams is anyhow debatable. Lynch”s mix of film-noir-in-colour, romantic crime story and Brechtian exploration of alienation, sex and suspense won a number of awards, including Best Director at Cannes.

Followed by a show by the Rotterdam electropop duo DOOXS (Djoeke Boomsma and Aniek de Rooij). Enjoy delicate polyphony, great urban beats and deep wobbly bass lines!