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Eyeshadow: Pulp Fiction + YĪN YĪN

First a film, then a live performance: each month Eyeshadow combines a classic film with happening bands.  This time a show by YĪN YĪN to follow Quentin Tarantino’s second feature film. Get ready for ‘Thai Psych Funk’ to accompany over the top nouvelle violence and hilarious fast-paced dialogues between petty gangsters.

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Pulp Fiction marked the comeback of former Hollywood star John Travolta and the breakthrough of supporting actor Samuel L. Jackson. They're two pretty clueless contract killers who get involved in an assignment that”s way out of their league, leading to hilarious dialogues and a spate of unintentional kills.

cartoonish pastiche

Tarantino”s tribute to the gangster film was hailed by a young generation of movie buffs, who eagerly embraced Tarantino's postmodern, almost cartoonish genre pastiche. The various storylines are hardly connected but it doesn”t really matter. Who needs a tidy plot when you”re treated to razor-sharp dialogues, actors obviously having a great time and dynamic action scenes?

racy and eclectic

Kees Berkers and Yves Lennertz of YĪN YĪN are something else as well. The band camped out at the foot of the Alpaca Mountain, one of the few Dutch mountainettes. There, on the Doenrade Plateau in Limburg, they recorded the 12 songs for their debut album Pingpxng. It was also the start of that very special sound called “Thai Psych Funk”, a detached but racy and eclectic mix of world music, disco, funk and electronic music. Beyond any limits or limitations, straight into the heart of YĪN YĪN!

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Eyeshadow is a monthly series on Saturday night featuring cool, offbeat and thrilling films, live performances and drinks at the bar. Each edition starts with a film screening, followed by a performance. Every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack. After the film screening, a live band plays music that connects with the film.

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