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Still Girl Who Dreams About Time

Girl Who Dreams About Time

Hyuck-jee Park / KR, 2022 / 111 min.

A coming-of-age film about the young shaman Sujin, who oversees a temple together with her grandmother in the mountains of South Korea. Will she be able to combine her calling as a seer with her studies at the University of Seoul?

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Sujin lives with her grandmother in the mountains of South Korea. Together, they oversee the Temple of the Three Gods, where they make offerings of purified water and predict the futures of wandering souls who come by for appointments. When she graduates from school, Sujin plans to attend the university in Seoul during the week, and return on weekends to continue her work as a shaman. But her busy life starts taking its toll.

Girl Who Dreams About Time is less about the generation gap than the difficulty Sujin has in straddling two worlds. Hyuck-jee Park’s calmly paced film shows a young woman trying to combine a spiritual existence with life in modern South Korea, struggling to find her way as a student while also wanting to engage seriously with her calling as a shaman.

The contrast is stark: in her work as a shaman, Sujin relies on her intuitive sensitivities, while her university studies make demands on her intellect. And her grandmother is not always as understanding as she could be. Will Sujin be able to reconcile herself to her fate? Does she really want to?

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