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Still Home Is Somewhere Else

Home Is Somewhere Else

Carlos Hagerman , Jorge Villalobos / MX, US, 2022 / 88 min.

This animated documentary takes you inside their hearts and minds of three young undocumented immigrants and their families in the United States. Their stories tell of painful experiences, vibrant dreams and living under constant threat of deportation.

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There are an estimated 11 million undocumented migrants living in the United States. Often they lead fairly normal lives, but they live under the constant threat of sudden deportation. What is it like to grow up in such a situation?

In this animentary, three young immigrants tell their stories. Eleven-year-old Jasmine fears being separated from her undocumented parents. José Eduardo grew up in Utah from the age of eight, but was deported as an illegal immigrant when he was 23, and sent far away from his family. Evelyn, born in the USA and therefore a US citizen, has chosen to return to Mexico. She often FaceTimes her sister Elizabeth, who, as an illegal immigrant in Los Angeles, is struggling to realize her ambitions.

Each story is told in its own appropriate style, narrated by the young people involved and their relatives. Their painful experiences and vibrant hopes and dreams lend themselves well to animation. A powerful reminder of how the color of your passport determines your life.

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Carlos Hagerman , Jorge Villalobos

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88 min.


English, Spanish





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