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Still The Oil Machine

IDFA at Home: The Oil Machine

Emma Davie / GB, 2022 / 82 min.

From November 10 to 20, every day between 18:00 and 23:00, you can watch a film from IDFA's Best of the Fest or Masters programme online in our virtual cinema. You buy your ticket as usual, the PDF ticket you receive contains the link to the online cinema. Tonight, 20 November: The Oil Machine.

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The time when we described it as “liquid gold” may be over, but our economic, historical and even emotional connection to oil is still very much intact. Oil is in everything from the products in our kitchen cupboards to our pension funds. We are deeply dependent on oil. Let’s just admit it: we’re addicts.

This urgent film examines, from a range of perspectives, an industry that has crept into every pore of our society. But this must change: this polluting machine is causing sea levels to rise irrevocably. Directors of oil companies, economists and young activists all have their say about the conflicting interests around oil. Meanwhile, drilling permits are still being issued, despite the agreements made through the Paris Climate Accords.

While the focus is on the economy of the UK and its oil fields in the North Sea, all of us—politician, industrialist and consumer alike—will think twice after seeing this film and ask ourselves how to turn the tide. And how quickly?

Between 18:00 and 23:00, you can start the film whenever it suits you, the film is then available for 4 hours. For example, if you start the film at 22:59, you can watch until 02:59.

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