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still from Il bandito (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1946)

Il bandito

Alberto Lattuada / IT, 1946 / 83 min.

When a former prisoner-of-war returns to Turin after WWII, the morale of the city’s residents seems as shattered as the city itself. Albert Lattuada’s first neo-realist production– with influences from film noir – came about partly from interviews on the streets. With Anna Magnani and Carla del Poggio.

poster Il bandito (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1946)
Ernesto’s parental home is in ruins, his mother has died and his sister is in the hands of a pimp. This is the situation soldier Ernesto faces when returning from a prisoner-of-war camp after WWII. He tries to find honest work, but this is all but impossible in a city dominated by crime and the black market. The only way is down, towards theft and murder…

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Alberto Lattuada

Production year




Original title

Il bandito


83 min.


Italian, German, English





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Alberto Lattuada

With the rediscovery of Alberto Lattuada, one of the best-kept secrets of Italian cinema can finally be seen again. Lattuada is an often-overlooked filmmaker whose productive career encompasses more than four decades of Italian cinema.

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campaign image Alberto Lattuada: Meester naast Fellini
still from Il bandito (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1946)
still from Il bandito (Alberto Lattuada, IT 1946)
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