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still Le fond de l'air est rouge (Chris Marker, FR 1977)

Le fond de l'air est rouge

Chris Marker / FR, 1977 / 180 min.

Chris Marker uses film not as a political weapon, but as a means of dissecting politics. His classic, three-hour-long film essay is a philosophical analysis of the left during the period 1967-1977. On solidarity, common struggle and a world in crisis.

poster Le fond de l'air est rouge (Chris Marker, FR 1977)
The director sketches the rise and fall of the New Left, starting in 1967. His rhythmic montage of news footage, 8mm films and flashes of fiction films results in an essay that doesn’t take a standpoint, but poses as its central question: what remains of the idea and the dreams of the 1960s revolution?

This screening is made possible with the support of Institut Français NL and the IFcinéma programme of Institut Français.

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Chris Marker

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Le fond de l'air est rouge


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still Le fond de l'air est rouge (Chris Marker, FR 1977)
still Le fond de l'air est rouge (Chris Marker, FR 1977)

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