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still from Mass (Fran Kranz, US 2021)


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Fran Kranz / US, 2021 / 110 min.

Psychologically refined, claustrophobic Kammerspiel in which the parents of a high school shooter end up face to face with the parents of one of his victims. What made him do it? can they truly understand one another and is forgiveness possible? Now released in the Netherlands.

poster Mass (Fran Kranz, US 2021)
A small, brightly lit room under a church is where two couples meet. Their lives connected by an unspeakable tragedy: they each lost a son to a high school shooting. Now the victim’s parents sit across from those of the perpetrator. They have all prepared thoroughly and try to stay polite and calm – the search for the right words proves trickier than imagined and their empathy is tried to the utmost.

This film will also be released in national cinemas by Eye Filmmuseum.

Please note: at about two-thirds of the film's running time, the frame ratio alters. This is an artistic choice by the director.

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Fran Kranz

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still from Mass (Fran Kranz, US 2021)
still from Mass (Fran Kranz, US 2021)
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