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still from Impossible Image (Karen Pearlman, US 2023)

Restoration, Digitisation & Re-Use

Meet the Archive 2023: Restoration, Digitisation & Re-Use

Every year, the kaleidoscopic nature of Eye’s collection is underlined when our collection experts step into the spotlights during Meet the Archive (free admission). Eye’s experts provide exceptional stories from (early) cinema history, highlighting forgotten filmmakers.

poster Meet the Archive 2023
On Saturday 3 June 2023, Eye’s curators and restorers will talk about their latest research projects. Topics will include exceptional finds, special bequests to the archive and the forgotten works of pioneering female filmmakers.

Free admission: collect your ticket from the box office on the day.


  • Karen Pearlman: Impossible Image (25')

    Artist Karen Pearlman took a deep dive into the past with the aid of the DVD boxed set Cinema’s First Nasty Women which brings together 99 early examples of cinema. In The Impossible Image, a nine-minute documentary/dance film, Pearlman remixes scenes from silent films with contemporary dance footage thereby juxtaposing the anarchy and roleplay of the women in the 1910s to the humour, irony and drive of the dancers from our era.

  • Ansuya Blom in Film (25’)

    Ansuya Blom and curator Simona Monizza will introduce Amazing Grace (1989, 14’), a recently completed restoration of Blom’s film. The latter’s drawings and films focus on the misunderstandings and confusion that result from the friction between individuals and the outside world; Blom makes conspicuous use of texts and solitary words in her work. In 2019, Eye acquired all Blom’s films in order to digitise a selection in cooperation with the artist.

  • Digitising Ed van der Elsken’s films (20')

    Various key films by Ed van der Elsken were, until recently, imperfectly digitised. They have now, in cooperation with Beeld en Geluid and Van der Elsken's heirs, been rescanned and digitally remastered. Curator Mark Paul Meyer and John Treffers will discuss the project using a number of examples as well as talk about making Van der Elsken’s films available on the Eye Film Player.

  • Restauration of Twenty Four Dollar Island (Robert J. Flaherty, 1925, 14') (20')

    Twenty Four Dollar Island is one of the classics of 1920s avant-garde American cinema. The only extant 35 mm copies are in the Eye collection and the Gosfilmofond archive. These have been digitised by Eye (4K) and were restored by Bruce Posner and Thomas Bakels (ALPHA-OMEGA digital). A specially composed soundtrack will accompany the screening featuring music by Donald Sosin. Presented by curator Mark Paul Meyer.

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Meet the Archive 2023

Eye’s curators and restorers present their latest discoveries during the Meet the Archive day. This edition: find out more about the history of feminist film collective Cinemien, featuring a screening of the restored Cinemien documentary Donna: vrouwen in verzet.

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Two protesting women stand encircled by police officers wearing helmets, they appear to be shouting, one has her first raised in the air (campaign image Meet the Archive 2023)
still from Amazing Grace (Ansuya Blom, NL 1989)
still from Amazing Grace (Ansuya Blom, NL 1989)
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