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still from Safe Place (Juraj Lerotic, HR 2022)

Safe Place

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Juraj Lerotic / HR, 2022 / 103 min.

The life of Bruno is drastically transformed after his younger brother Damir attempts suicide. This raw, authentic story is autobiographical – the Croatian director plays himself. Winner of Best Actor, Filmmakers of the Present at the Locarno International Film Festival. The film was also awarded Best Film of the International Competition of Indielisboa.

poster Safe Place (Juraj Lerotic, HR 2022)
After his brother Damir attempts suicide, Bruno feels left out in the cold; he can’t find a 'safe place' in this unemotional, distant society. As they seek help, the family come up against a wall of hostile police officers. The health service also lets Damir down. In raw, lyrical, sensitive images, director Juraj Lerotić condemns those services that turned a blind eye to an acute mental health crisis within a family.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Juraj Lerotic

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Sigurno mjesto


103 min.







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Screened at prominent national and international festivals, yet never released in Dutch cinemas. Quite unjustly so, Eye Filmmuseum thinks, and so it has once again brought an exceptional selection of films from international festivals to the Netherlands.

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still from Safe Place (Juraj Lerotic, HR 2022)
still from Safe Place (Juraj Lerotic, HR 2022)
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