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still from Seven Years in Tibet (Jean-Jacques Annaud, US 1997)

Seven Years in Tibet

Jean-Jacques Annaud / US, 1997 / 134 min.

Beautifully filmed epic with a good turn by Brad Pitt in the role of mountain climber Heinrich Harrer. The fabulous, Oscar-nominated score was written by John Williams and features a major cello contribution which was recorded by none other than Yo-Yo Ma. In collaboration with the Cello Biennale.

poster Cello & Film: Seven Years in Tibet (Jean-Jacques Annaud, US 1997)
Austrian Heinrich Harrer was part of an expedition that attempted to climb the 8,126 metre high Nanga Parbat in the Himalaya in 1939. The group fails and due to World War II breaking out the climbers end up in a British POW camp.


This movie contains scenes of violencePersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Jean-Jacques Annaud

Production year




Original title

Seven Years in Tibet


134 min.


English, German, Nepali, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Tibetan Standard, Tibetan, Central





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still from Seven Years in Tibet (Jean-Jacques Annaud, US 1997)
still from Seven Years in Tibet (Jean-Jacques Annaud, US 1997)
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