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still Silkwood (Mike Nichols, US 1983)


Mike Nichols / US, 1983 / 131 min.

Based on the true story of whistleblower Karen Silkwood (Meryl Streep), a worker at a plant in Oklahoma that enriched plutonium. The nerve-wracking drama will ensure you never feel comfortable around a nuclear power station again.

poster Silkwood (Mike Nichols, US 1983)
Everyone at the plutonium factory was working overtime and the workers were exposed to dangerously high levels of radiation. Karen Silkwood was poisoned with 40 times the legal level of radioactivity. Karen fought the injustice at work and was an active union member. The management took a dim view of her activities as did her colleagues who feared for their jobs.

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Mike Nichols

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Great acting, realistically directed and a subject that has – 40 years later – once again become urgent due to the discussion regarding the construction or continued operation of nuclear power stations with the aim of somewhat alleviating the climate crisis.

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still Silkwood (Mike Nichols, US 1983)
still Silkwood (Mike Nichols, US 1983)
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