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still Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, US 2013)

Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt / US, 2013 / 112 min.

Pared-down psycho-thriller with Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning as eco terrorists planning to carry out an attack on a hydro-electric dam. With her characteristic eye for nature, Reichardt asks urgent social and political questions about commitment, and how far we should take this.

poster Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, US 2013)
Josh (Jesse Eisenberg) works at an organic farm in Oregon, and becomes increasingly radical in his ecological views. Together with a young activist (Dakota Fanning) and a former marine with a murky past (Peter Sarsgaard), he undertakes a nocturnal river trip to carry out a meaningful act. Their faith in the justice of their cause blinds the group to the weaker aspects of their plan.

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Kelly Reichardt

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Night Moves


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Cinema Ecologica

Much in life is uncertain, but one thing is sure: climate change. Cinema Ecologica focuses on how film directors depict the relationship between humanity and the earth: from nail-biting disaster films to artistic meditations, from romantic nature experiences to astounding science fiction.

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Why in Eye

This film devotes so much attention to the landscape it becomes a character, causing us to wonder: are the three activists looking at the landscape, or is the landscape looking at them?

Anna Abrahams
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still Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, US 2013)
still Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt, US 2013)
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