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still The Bedford Incident (James B. Harris, GB/US 1965)

The Bedford Incident

James Harris / GB, 1965 / 102 min.

Nail-biting tension arises when a Cold War reporter (Sidney Poitier) researches a piece on life aboard a destroyer. Richard Widmark portrays the captain playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a Soviet submarine off the coast of Greenland.

poster The Bedford Incident (James B. Harris, GB/US 1965)
Reporter Ben Munceford (Sidney Poitier) is a guest on board the destroyer Bedford, ostensibly to write a piece on submarine warfare, but actually to portray the fanatical Captain Finlander (Richard Widmark). The latter only cares about intimidating the Russians. Things on board escalate because Finlander works his crew to the bone and prevents the Russian sub from replenishing its oxygen.


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James Harris

Production year




Original title

The Bedford Incident


102 min.


English, Russian





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Sidney Poitier & Denzel Washington

Sidney Poitier was Denzel Washington’s shining example. The actors were good friends, but never played in a film together. This summer, Eye brings them together on the big screen for the first time by showing the best of their films.

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still In the Heat of the Night (Norman Jewison, US 1967)
still The Bedford Incident (James B. Harris, GB/US 1965)
still The Bedford Incident (James B. Harris, GB/US 1965)
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