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still from The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (Robert Machoian, US 2022)

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

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Robert Machoian / US, 2022 / 96 min.

Fear of the apocalypse drives an insurance agent into the woods on a solo hunting experiment. This sinister contemporary morality tale demonstrates the helplessness of a father who doesn’t measure up to society’s idea of what a man should be.

poster The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (Robert Machoian, US 2022)
Insurance agent Joe wonders whether he would really be able to take care of his family if a calamity were to occur. To prove to himself that he really does have what it takes, Joe borrows a friend’s hunting gear. He goes into the woods to shoot a deer, but instead of pulling the trigger, becomes embroiled in a contest. Joe is then consumed by his helplessness as a man, and seeks satisfaction – in vain.


Prior to the screening of The Integrity of Joseph Chambers, you will see the short animated film Kiekje (2') from 2012 by Arthur van Merwijk from Eye's collection. The film tells the story of two-day trippers who come to an idyllic forest clearing to photograph animals in their natural environment. However, the well-meaning couple misses everything that goes on right under their noses.

From 6 July in De FilmHallen and national cinemas, and in Eye from about a week later.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains scenes of violencePersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Robert Machoian

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The Integrity of Joseph Chambers


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still from The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (Robert Machoian, US 2022)
still from The Integrity of Joseph Chambers (Robert Machoian, US 2022)
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