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still The Touch (Beröringen) (Ingmar Bergman, SE 1971)

The Touch

Ingmar Bergman / SE, US, 1971 / 115 min.

Ingmar Bergman’s seldom screened film about a passionate affair is a major rediscovery. A housewife falls for archaeologist David, however her new relationship proves less liberating than she had hoped as she is torn between David and her husband and children.

poster The Touch (Beröringen) (Ingmar Bergman, SE 1971)

To her great surprise, Karin (Bibi Andersson), a married mother of two, falls for the vivacious American David (Elliot Gould), an archaeologist befriended by her surgeon husband Andreas (Max von Sydow) currently visiting Sweden. However, her double life and David’s changing moods take their toll.

The poorly dubbed versions and mixed reviews led to The Touch seldom being screened for dozens of years. The new restoration underlines what a shame that is. Bergman’s script excels in psychological precision, the acting is subtle and intense, and Sven Nykvist’s polished camerawork is chock full of suggestive autumn colours. The BFI called the rediscovery of Bergman’s refined character study, entirely filmed from Karin’s perspective ‘A revelation’.

Screening accompanies the premiere of Bergman Island.



Ingmar Bergman

Production year




Original title

The Touch


115 min.


English, Swedish, French





still The Touch (Beröringen) (Ingmar Bergman, SE 1971)
still The Touch (Beröringen) (Ingmar Bergman, SE 1971)
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