Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence programme

Eye Filmmuseum celebrated the 70th anniversary of its collection in 2016 with the launch of a new In-Residence programme. As of 2017, this initiative welcomes invited artists and scholars to explore and creatively reuse archival material within the Eye collection.

The programme follows in a long tradition of previous collaborations with renowned artists and aims to stimulate interactions among artists, scientists and the public.The Residency program is by invitation only and enables a guest artist and a guest scholar to freely develop or create a project making use of the vast collection and expertise of Eye. The length of the residency is three months.

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  • Maudite soit la guerre (BE, 1914)

  • L'écrin du Radjah (FR, 1906)

  • Le voyage sur Jupiter (FR, 1909)

  • Les Tulipes (FR, 1907)

The invited artist and scholar will be hosted by the Eye Collection Centre, a brand-new expert centre for collection development, preservation, restoration, digitization and research. This centre in Amsterdam-North provides a working space and disposes of facilities that the artists and scholars can make use of – a modern research centre and library, but also various vaults, restoration and scanning ateliers. The artist and the scholar-in-residence will have access to the expertise of Eye curators and a vast collection of approximately 40,000 film titles and other collections besides, such as photos, posters, film apparatuses, film music, books, as well as archives of filmmakers and businesses.

The residency aims to provide the opportunity for public access to the work by the invited artist and scholar, and promotes talks, seminars or workshops as part of the stay. At the end of the residency, the artist and the scholar will give a presentation on the project they have worked on. The form of this presentation can vary from a screening of their new work, a lecture, a publication or the exhibition of an installation. 

To mark the end of the first edition of the programme and to launch a new one, Eye will organize a special Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence Week from 3-9 December 2018.

This week will include a presentation by scholar Christian Gosvig Olesen on Monday December 3 alongside a screening of the film Paris 1900 (FR, 1947, ’82). More Information on the event here.

On Tuesday December 4 there will be a special Eye on Art programme with artist Alexandra Navratil who will present for the first time the film Under Saturn (Act 1) which she created during her residency at Eye. Navratil’s installation titled Under Saturn (Act 2) which includes 162 still slides from the Eye Collection will be exhibited the entire week at Eye.