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Animanimals: Lion

Sound effects can make a hand-drawn film come alive and can tell us a lot about what’s happening in the film. So, you also ‘watch’ a film using your ears. In this Short for kids children not only watch film; they will also be asked to listen carefully. This way, they will discover the effect of sound in film.

How does a lazy lion change from a couch potato into a super-fit king of the animals? The animated film Lion shows you how. But how would it actually sound?

Assignment: look with your ears

Start the film and cover your eyes with your hands for 30 seconds. This way you can listen extra carefully.

Watch Animanimals: Lion (Julia Ocker, DE 2018)

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Still from Animanimals: Lion (Julia Ocker, DE 2018)
Still from Animanimals: Lion (Julia Ocker, DE 2018)

Put the film on pause after watching with your ears for 30 seconds. Can you tell what you heard? What do you think went on in the film? What was the lion doing? Which sounds did you hear?

Now continue watching the film with your eyes and ears open. What did you see with your eyes and what with your ears? Were you able to guess some of the sounds right?


Short for Kids is created by Taartrovers and Eye Filmmuseum's educational team.

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Animanimals: Lion (Julia Ocker, DE 2018)

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