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Western Spaghetti

Fried dice and boiling ice cubes in a pan. Anything goes in animated films, anything you can think of. In this Short for Kids, children are invited to work with stop motion animation. They will discover how they can put literally anything to life using animation.


Animation means bringing something that is motionless to life. The best-known animation is the cartoon film – also known as 2D animation. With this type of animation, everything is flat and you see no depth. It’s different with 3D animation, which is usually made with the computer, like Toy Story. In stop-motion animation, you can make real objects move. You can bring them to life.

Spaghetti with toy sauce

A really fun stop motion film is Western Spaghetti. In this film, the spaghetti is made from toys, not edible ingredients.

A question as you watch: by watching and listening closely, can you tell which real ingredients would otherwise have been used to make this spaghetti?

Watch Western Spaghetti (PES, US 2008)

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Still from Western Spaghetti (PES, US 2008)
Still from Western Spaghetti (PES, US 2008)

Assignment: make you own stop motion animation

You can make your own stop motion animation by taking a great many photographs. If you place all the shots one after the other, you have created your own film. To get one second of footage, you must take at least five photographs. After you’ve finished your film, you may well have taken over 200 photographs. Download the app Stop Motion Studio and start your animation. Let your imagination run free! As you know, anything is possible with animation.


Short for Kids is created by Taartrovers and Eye Filmmuseum's educational team.

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Western Spaghetti (PES, US 2008)

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Stop motion and animation