restoration and digitization

EYE is regarded worldwide as an expert in the field of film restoration and digitization.

EYE is internationally acclaimed for its commitment to the preservation of film heritage. EYE also plays a leading role in the digitization of its own collection. EYE has received international attention for its high-profile restorations of early films such as Beyond the Rocks and Signori Giurati, as well as the digitization of (for example) the Jean Desmet archive.

The restorers pay careful attention to vulnerable parts of the collection, for example nitrate film. This particular collection, from the first half of the 20th century, requires constant attention: the material is extremely flammable, which is why it is being transferred to new-media formats. The restorers also keep a close eye on the celluloid films: discoloration and acidification are a constant threat. About 15 percent of the collection has already been digitized, and can be found via our channels on YouTube and Open Beelden.

  • Enkele frames uit Badeszene (1910 - 1916, Duitsland) op 17,5mm nitraatfilm, met transportperforatie in het midden.

  • Frame uit De Dam te Amsterdam omstreeks 1900 (1900, Nederland)

  • Controle van filmblikken

international awards

EYE is acclaimed for its technologically advanced restorations of classic films, as well as its restorations of experimental and silent films. Thanks to EYE’s efforts, films such as Beyond the Rocks (1922, with Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson), J'accuse! (Abel Gance, 1919), and Wan Pipel (1976) by Pim de la Parra have been given a second lease on life in the form of beautifully restored copies. EYE has won several international awards for its restoration work, including the Jean Mitry Award, the Film Preservation Honors, and the Prix Henri Langlois.

restaurations online

For young people, EYE has developed the Film Restoration activity programme, which allows these young people to take on the role of a film restorer, breathing new life into damaged film reels, sounds, and the original colours from a hundred years ago. They can then take a look at the actual version that has been restored by EYE.