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Cinema 2

Multifunctional cinema with 127 comfortable seats. We can retract the tribune for you. In that way you can use the full floor space for e.g. an interactive debate, workshop, (theatre) performance, information market or corporate party where dancing is allowed. The large screen and surround sound ensure that presentations are easy to follow for every guest anywhere in the room.

Cinema set-up in Cinema 2 © Martin Hogeboom
© Martin Hogeboom


Download the brochure for a complete overview of all the details.


- Telescopic tribune allows flexible setup
- First-class technical facilities for sound and vision
- Full floor space available: suitable for various events


Theatre: 127 + 2 spaces for wheelchairs
Classroom: 72
Reception: 130
Sit-down dinner: 84


1 daypart € 1.475 / 2 dayparts € 2.508

Cinema set-up in Cinema 2 © Martin Hogeboom
© Martin Hogeboom

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The seats in Cinema 2 can be collapsed to create a level floor © Martin Hogeboom
© Martin Hogeboom
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