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Film Catcher

© Jordi Wallenburg

Stap in de Film Catcher

Film Catcher (permanent exhibition) (© Jordi Wallenburg)

Film Catcher (permanente tentoonstelling) (© Jordi Wallenburg)

Two adults and two children stand in front of the wall with projections
© Jordi Wallenburg

Discover how beautiful and diverse film can be. Use filter words such as ‘red’, ‘dancing’, ‘city’ or ‘close-up’ to conjure up an infinite array of different visual collections. Be surprised by the ever-growing number of clips from the 54,000 films in Eye’s collection. Has a particular clip caught your eye? Then grab it with your tablet to see more.

Two young people in front of the wall with projections
© Jordi Wallenburg

With the Film Catcher, your search is ‘image-based’ rather than searching by film title or director’s name. This is a playful, intuitive way of exploring the Eye collection of films from all eras and genres. You step into a space surrounded by huge projection screens. Walk over to a tablet on a stand. Turn it to project onto the walls. This allows you to do two things: throw or catch.

An overview photo of the installation
© Jordi Wallenburg

Want to throw? Then choose a filter term to use to search Eye’s collection. Swipe your search filter towards the wall and you’ll be surrounded by scenes from films from Eye’s collection.

Film Catcher, winner of the Museums and Heritage Awards 2023, Best Use Of Digital - International

What is Film?

The Film Catcher is part of the permanent exhibition ‘What is Film?’.

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Visitors in the Film Catcher
© Jordi Wallenburg