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Word Art: film poems on the windows of Eye

Six poets from Amsterdam-Noord each wrote a poem about their favourite film. Their texts are framed on posters behind the windows on the north side of Eye. As part of the celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of Eye Filmmuseum, the Granate foundation, which highlights the work of bicultural poets and filmmakers, commissioned these poems.

By Eye Editors10 May 2021

The poets are Floor Buschenhenke, Ibrahim Selman, Laurine Verweijen, Omar Dahmani, Robin Block and Sjaan Flikweert. They each draw inspiration from a film with which they have a special connection, and which has also played an important role in the history of collecting and screening at the Eye.

The poems behind glass invite you into the imaginative world of the six wordsmiths. They fantasize about what they’ve seen on screen, engage with the characters, connect the films with the world outside the cinema, and put into words what viewers only feel.

While not yet very well known, these six poets are already expressing themselves to the full as rapper, spoken word artist, performance artist, theatre maker, stand-up comedian, dancer or filmmaker.

For an overview of posters and information about the participating poets, go to