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Cherry Awards awarded to new talent during ResearchLabs 2023

With the annual Research Labs, Eye gives the stage to new makers and curators. During the 11th edition on 15 April, the Best, Most Urgent and Most Surprising works were awarded by the Cherry Pickers, a group of students from the participating academies. The winners are Kolo (Medina Balesic), Nanook. Fade to Black (Wiggo Mott), Dear Moritz (Sam Koopman) and Come to Life: Movement on Screen (University of Amsterdam).

By Eye Editors18 April 2023

The winners of the Cherry voor the best curated programme posing with their award
The winners of the Cherry voor the best curated programme (University of Amsterdam).

ResearchLabs by Eye on Art started modestly in 2012 and has since grown into an annual one-day festival. It provides space for a new generation of curators and artists to further develop their skills and to meet each other. Students from various art academies and universities are asked to put together a programme with their own work and films from the Eye collection. The ResearchLabs do not follow a strict format and are often a crossover between film and other art forms.

Sam Koopman receives his Cherry Award
Sam Koopman (winner of the Cherry for most urgent work).
Wiggo Mott and Medina Balesic pose with their Cherry Awards
Wiggo Mott (winner of the Wild Cherry) and Medina Balesic (winner of the Cherry for most surprising work).

The winners

"Never before was it so difficult to decide who would win the awards. There were so many urgent, surprising, touching and beautiful films and programmes made by students of the participating art academies and universities", the jury said.

During the 11th edition, the jury (Cherry Pickers) awarded the Cherries to:

Cherry for Most Urgent Work

Dear Moritz, Sam Koopman (Piet Zwart Institute)

Cherry for Most Surprising Work

Kolo, Medina Balesic (Gerrit Rietveld Academy)

Wild Cherry

Nanook. Fade to Black, Wiggo Mott (Royal Academy of Art)

Cherry for Best Curated Programme

Come to Life: Movement on Screen (University of Amsterdam)

The Cherry Pickers

The jury (Cherry Pickers) is a group of five students from the academies and universities participating in the ResearchLabs and this year consisted of Ada Finci Terseglav (Sandberg Institute), Maria Paula Lis (University of Amsterdam), Nina Rojc (Piet Zwart Academy), Jiyeon Izzy Lee (Rietveld Academy) en Laura Bouman (Master Institute of Visual Cultures).