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EXPOSED on tour: ciao, Bologna!

What’s EXPOSED in Italian? ‘Esposto’. Which is good to know, because this week we change our white building and view over the IJ for the red rooftops and heath of Bologna. The reason for this exciting trip: we are invited as ambassadors for the Il Cinema Ritrovato filmfestival, which takes place from 25th June until July 2nd.

By Femke Pijls29 June 2016

The centre of the festival is quite literally the centre of the city: the Piazza Maggiore – which is sort of the Damsquare of Bologna – is a free open-air cinema, every night. Also, it is quite clear that you have to be here on time: every seat is filled.

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2012

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Thirty years, five screens

This festival draws from many international film archives and these films are shown on five different screens across town. From Asia to Africa and from Europe to Latin America. Films from Buster Keaton to Marlon Brando and from Visconti to Fritz Lang, they are all shown. Also material from the film archive of Eye is well represented.

How this all started? Exactly thirty years ago, with one movie screen in the historical Lumiere theatre in the centre of this Italian city. Nowadays, Il Cinema Ritrovato has grown to a fully fledged indoor and outdoor film festival with five movie screens and the Piazzo Maggiore. These thirty years of special cinema are dedicated to celebrating the century old film traditions together with movie lovers, archivists, public visitors and since this year also the international ambassadors.

Behind the scenes

As ambassadors of Il Cinema Ritrovato, EXPOSED wants to provide you a sneak peek behind the scenes of this historical film festival. All the ambassadors of Il Cinema Ritrovato are given the role to research how it is possible that the old film is still so popular and attractive for a broad international audience and why you want to be here next year. This week, we will keep you up to date from our activities through photos, interviews and blog posts; with a glass of wine, some pasta and most of all a lot of movies.