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Podcast: Herzog on Herzog

Based on the idea that no one is able talk about Werner Herzog as well as Werner Herzog himself, curator Jaap Guldemond and film programmer Thijs Havens chose six statements by the almost mythical filmmaker to shed light on his ideas about film and his way of working.

By Eye Editors19 July 2023

Together with art journalist Luuk Heezen, they attempt to distill the main lines from an oeuvre of more than seventy films, documentaries, and shorts. The podcast episode is a deepening of the exhibition Werner Herzog: The Ecstatic Truth and the accompanying film program,e, and is about his search for the Truth, the special characters in Herzog's films and documentaries, the controversies that his work evokes, and the creative drive that he still has at an advanced age.

This podcast episode is spoken in Dutch, with German quotes by Herzog.

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