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Short Scores: Ella van der Woude

In Short Scores, Eye on Sound playfully pushes at the boundaries of film music. We asked a new generation of musicians and composers to create new mini film scores to accompany a short piece of film of their choice from Eye’s collection. Ella van der Woude chose Weeshuis-quaestie (1899).

By Thijs Havens05 January 2022

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For Short Scores, Ella van der Woude wrote a new soundtrack for Weeshuis-quaestie (1899), a fragment from Eye's collection.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Ella van der Woude. I am a musical jack-of-all trades, but mainly write music for films.

Why did you pick this specific piece of film?

I selected this excerpt because the image is hypnotising with the white dresses of the orphans – who stare intently at the camera – flapping as they walk. Music allows you to substantiate those stares. Depending on which music you pick they become curious, nonchalant, worried…

What inspired you to draft this score?

I am currently scoring a horror film so I soon arrived at a dark scenario. Orphans with bibles under their arms … the images didn’t promise much good.

A photograph of Ella van der Woude, playing a harmonium.
Photo by Nick Helderman

How did you tackle the project?

I wanted to make the procession’s vibe hopeless, attempting to turn the camera into a disturbing character. Quite coincidentally, I had acquired a harmonium two days prior and this organ’s sound suited the children perfectly; as to my mind, they are walking to church.

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