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Short Scores: Jimmi Jo Hueting

In Short Scores, Eye on Sound playfully pushes at the boundaries of film music. We asked a new generation of musicians and composers to create new mini film scores to accompany a short piece of film of their choice from Eye’s collection. Jimmi Jo Hueting chose Hiram Maxim and His Quick-firing Gun (1897).

By Thijs Havens25 November 2022

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For Short Scores, Jimmi Jo Hueting wrote a new soundtrack for Hiram Maxim and His Quick-firing Gun (1897), a fragment from Eye's collection.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm Jimmi Hueting, drummer, composer, and producer. I play in the bands Jo Goes Hunting, 4b2m, and Bonsai Panda. I also work as a composer for Orkater Music Theater Company.

Why did you choose this specific film fragment?

This fragment appealed to me because of the contrasts that can be seen. You see a neat gentleman who, wearing his three-piece suit, gives off his hat for a moment and then demonstrates a gigantic cannon. After being satisfied with his demonstration, he bows to the camera. The neat and proud gentleman with his gigantic murder weapon. I could imagine some music to accompany that.

What inspired you in making this score?

I wanted to create a big contrast between light-footedness and darkness. This gentleman just designed and built this cannon. He looks so proud of that. Now the cannon is ready to be used in wars and destroy cities and lives. This gave me a bitter feeling and that inspired me to make this piece.

How did you tackle the project?

The violin loop introduces the atmosphere of the presentation. Then everything turns around. The irregular cannon explosions indicate the beat. Backed by heavy synthesizers and a bass harmonica. The free drum solo over it connects the cannon strokes. High-pitched whistles represent the ominous effects of the explosions. The piece unexpectedly dissolves and we are back in the presentation. The gentleman has done his job well.

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