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Short Scores: LYZZA

In Short Scores, Eye on Sound playfully pushes at the boundaries of film music. We asked a new generation of musicians and composers to create new mini film scores to accompany a short piece of film of their choice from Eye’s collection. LYZZA chose A Camp of Zingari Gypsies (1897).

By Thijs Havens27 October 2022

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For Short Scores, LYZZA wrote a new soundtrack for A Camp of Zingari Gypsies (1897), a fragment from Eye's collection.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm LYZZA, Music Producer and singer/songwriter.

Why did you choose this specific film fragment?

It was one of the only clips where I saw people dancing and having fun! Looks like it was a moment caught by a voyeur who randomly stumbled upon a group of Gypsies.

What inspired you in making this score?

I'm not sure, haha.

How did you tackle the project?

I wanted to make something that sounded ethereal but also could hold a punch. The people in this video look like they would be welcoming, but if I had filmed this from afar I can also imagine being intimidated by a group that seems to be super close-knit. How would they react to me as an outsider? Would they be as welcoming? I guess I was trying to find a balance in sounds between that.

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