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Short Scores: Palmbomen II

In Short Scores, Eye on Sound playfully pushes at the boundaries of film music. We asked a new generation of musicians and composers to create new mini film scores to accompany a short piece of film of their choice from Eye’s collection. Palmbomen II chose Panoramic View of Windsor Castle (1899).

By Thijs Havens24 September 2021

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For Short Scores, Palmbomen II wrote a new soundtrack for Panoramic View of Windsor Castle (1899), a fragment from Eye's collection.

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Kai, also known as Palmbomen and Palmbomen II. I often compose for films, but mostly I make my own records and perform them. I also make videos, mainly for my own music, and I like the interaction between these, which I find interesting.

Why did you pick this specific piece of film?

I think it’s a nice shot, with a lot of depth and a great reveal, round the bend the train is driving along. I love travelling by train, so it was fun to capture this feeling in this work. Also, this is one of the longer pieces – there were some that are just 30 seconds, but I prefer to compose for something longer.

What inspired you to make this score?

The sensation of riding in the train, the sense of depth and that you can see a building or village in the distance and you approach this and it gets bigger and bigger.

How did you go about it?

When I’m composing, I like to have the images playing in the background, then I’ll make a few pieces with that feel. I don’t necessarily compose to the images, I make the compositions quickly and record them on tape. So then I have a few options and I choose one that feels good, and then cut it down until it fits the clip. I found it really difficult that it is so short because I like to compose a ‘transition’ in a piece of music; I chose this one because at the end of the day it fitted best.

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