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Eye Giftcard

The Eye Giftcard is a debit card disguised as a classic, beautifully designed gift card. The Giftcard gives the recipient the opportunity to spend a certain amount in Eye for a period of two years.

De giftcard van Eye Filmmuseum

Fancy a movie, a visit to the exhibition or a funny gift from the Eye Shop? With the Eye Giftcard you can decide at the last minute! And: the Giftcard remains valuable, remaining amounts are valid for two years.

Conditions and options

You can charge the Giftcard with a minimum of € 5 and a maximum of € 150.

A Giftcard cannot be exchanged for money or another giftcard.

If the balance of the Giftcard is not sufficient for the purchase of an item, the remaining amount can be paid in cash or by debit/credit card.

The balance on the Giftcard can be requested via this site.

The Giftcard remains valid for two years from the date of purchase.

The balance does not have to be spent all at once.

The Giftcard can only be charged once.

The Giftcard is valid for tickets in Eye Filmmuseum (film and exhibition) and in the Eye Shop.

The Giftcard is for sale in the Eye Shop.

Check balance

The balance of the Giftcard can be requested in the Eye Shop and online.

Check your balance