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24 October 2021

Family Day 2021 in Eye

On Family Day, you, your friends and your parents can spend the day at one of the most beautiful modern buildings in Amsterdam. Magical films will be screened in its cinemas and together with one of the museum’s film specialists you find out how to become a film detective!

Did you know that Eye is the only film museum in the Netherlands? You also might not know what Eye does. Find out on Family Day. Playing and investigating: become a film detective or immerse yourself in magical films!

Family Day 2021 in Eye
A family watches a film in one of the yellow Pods in the permanent presentation
© Martin Hogeboom

And if you have bought a ticket, it is free to go downstairs where the cinema playground for young and old is located that features hundreds of clips from Eye’s collection. There you can find out more about cinema’s history that is over a century old. How did they used to make films? Which equipment did they use? You can also take part in the film quiz, play in a film or make a flipbook.

There's also the workshop Toveren met Filmverhalen. From 13.00 you can enter the Studio, where you can conjure up your own new film with stop-motion technology & film images.

The icing on the cake? A screening of Charlie Chaplin’s most famous silent film from the 1920s The Kid, in which The Tramp (Chaplin) rakes care of a foundling who quickly grows up to be an endearing scamp.

still from The Kid (Charles Chaplin, US, 1921)
still from The Kid (Charles Chaplin, US, 1921)
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Family Day 2021

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