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campaign image This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice 2017

Public lecture series

This is Film! 2017

Film Heritage in Practice

3 April — 15 May 2017

Still from FILM (1965, Samuel Beckett).
Still from FILM (1965, Samuel Beckett).

Besides regular film projections in cinemas, the lectures cover online presentations and exhibitions. Each edition features a guest speaker, a Q&A session and film screenings, often accompanied by live music.

From April 3 to May 15, Eye and the University of Amsterdam present This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice, a series of public lectures at Eye devoted to notable projects in the field of film restoration and film heritage. Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at Eye and Professor of Film Heritage at the UvA) addresses, in the course of six lectures, various recent restoration projects and presentation forms of film heritage, varying from pre-cinema to recent experimental films and Hollywood classics.

Still from De molens die juichen en weenen (1912), Alfred Machin.
Still from De molens die juichen en weenen (1912), Alfred Machin.
Still from Rain Sugar Eye (2006, Yasmijn Karhof).
Still from Rain Sugar Eye (2006, Yasmijn Karhof).

This is Film! offers insight into what happens behind the scenes in film archives and museums and is aimed at everyone who loves film. The lectures are in English and can be attended as a series or on a one-off basis.

campaign image This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice 2017


Dates & guests

#1: What is Film Heritage?

Guests: Eye Curators Rommy Albers (Dutch Film), Mark-Paul Meyer (Expanded Cinema) and Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi (Silent Film)
: compilation of Short Film Pool titles selected and introduced by curators.
- Rain Sugar Eye (Yasmijn Karhof, NL, 2006, 12 min)
- At One View (NL, Paul de Nooijer, Menno de Nooijer, 1989, 7 min)
- Zoo (Bert Haanstra, NL, 1962, 11 min)
- Arthème opérateur (Ernest Servaes, FR, 1913, 7 min)

Monday, April 3 (16.00-18.30)

#2: Silent Film Restorations: The Chemistry of Color in Silent Cinema

Guest: Ulrich Rüdel (Professor for Conservation and Restoration of Modern Media - film, photo and video - at HTW / University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)
: De Molens die juichen en weenen (Alfred Machin, NL, 1912, 7 min) and Maudite soit la guerre (Alfred Machin, BE, 1914, 50 min)

Monday, April 10 (16.00-18.30)

#3: Beyond Restoration: Ross Lipman’s Notfilm (2015)

Guest: Ross Lipman (independent filmmaker, essayist, and archivist - formerly Senior Film Restorer at the UCLA Film & Television Archive)
: Notfilm (Ross Lipman, VS, 2015, 128 min)

Monday, April 24 (15.30-18.40)

#4: Born Digital and Hybrid Film Heritage: Side by Side

Guests: Anne Gant (Head of Conservation & Digital Access, Eye) and Carlijn Fransen (director)
Screening: De eenzame eenheid (Carlijn Fransen, NL, 2016, 11 min) and Side by Side (Christopher Kenneally, VS, 2012, 99 min)

Monday, May 1 (16.00-18.30)

#5: Exposing the Film Apparatus: The Magic Lantern

Guest: Dr. Sarah Dellmann (lecturer at Utrecht University, researcher project A Million Pictures)
: Annet Duller and Wim Bos will present a magic lantern show with live music.

Monday, May 8 (16.00-18.10)

#6: Film Restoration Laboratories: L’Immagine Ritrovata

Guest: Davide Pozzi (Director l’Immagine Ritrovata, Bologna)
: A Fistful of Dollars (Sergio Leone, IT, 1964, 99 min)

Monday, May 15 (15.30-18.40)

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