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campaign image This Is Film! 2021

Public lecture series

This is Film! 2021

Film heritage in practice

still from Film ist. a girl & a gun (Gustav Deutsch, 2009)
still from Film ist. a girl & a gun (Gustav Deutsch, 2009)

Together with invited guests, each of the six sessions will touch upon different topics, varying from the colorization of black-and-white WWI footage, to the use of archival content in compilation and documentary films, VR or VJ performances.

This is Film! Film Heritage in Practice is a public lecture series devoted to notable projects in the fields of film restoration and film heritage. Under the overarching theme of recycling, re-using and remixing archival film(fragments), the series will showcase a broad range of creatively reused archival footage in different settings, addressing its relevance for audiences today.

still from the Bits and Pieces collection
still from the Bits and Pieces collection

All This is Film! sessions will be recorded and made available online. Keep an eye on this page for the video registrations.

still from They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson, 2018)
still from They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson, 2018)

Film, talks & discussion

Each session will cover a different approach to the theme of ‘re-use’ and will feature an introduction by Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at Eye and Professor of Film Heritage at the University of Amsterdam), followed by a talk by or interview and Q&A with an international expert on the topic and a film screening or performance.

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Dates & guests

The lectures are in English and can be attended as a series or on a one-off basis.

This is Film! #1: Copyright

Guest: Claudy Op den Kamp (Programme Leader BA (Hons) Film, Bournemouth University, GB)
Public Domain (Hollis Frampton, US 1972; 16mm) and Film ist. a girl & a gun (Gustav Deutsch, AT 2009; 35mm)

This is Film! #2: the Polaroid Effect

Guest: Jens Meurer (Filmmaker/Producer)
An Impossible Project (DE 2020; 35mm)

This is Film! #3: the Afghan Film Archive

Guest: Ariel Nasr (Filmmaker)
The Forbidden Reel (CA 2019; 2K DCP)

This is Film! #4: Restoration or Re-appropriation?

Guests: Matthew Lee (Head of Film at Imperial War Museums) and David Walsh (Training and Outreach Coordinator for FIAF)
They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson, NZ/GB 2018; 3D, DCP)

This is Film! #5: Bits and Pieces and the VJ

Guest: Rossella Catanese (VJ, Postdoc Researcher at University of Udine, Adjunct Professor at NYU Florence)
Live VJ performance featuring the Bits and Pieces Collection. Music by Jan Willem Hagenbeek

This is Film! #6: Archival films and VR

Guests: Oscar Raby (Creative Director of VRTOV), Richard Misek (Filmmaker and Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent), Charlie Shackleton (Filmmaker and Film Critic)
A Machine for Viewing (Richard Misek, Charlie Shackleton and Oscar Raby, GB/AU 2019; 360° Interactive VR) & compilation of film essays by Richard Misek and Charlie Shackleton

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