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The Hitchcock Touch

24 July until 12 October

This summer EYE pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most iconic and influential filmmakers, with a major retrospective including nine restored silent films in new, digital copies.

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Thirty years after his death, Alfred Hitchcock is still an iconic figure in popular culture. His Vertigo was voted best film of all time. This summer EYE brings the most important films of the Master of Suspense, ranging from his English sound films of the 1930s, classic masterpieces like Rear Window, Vertigo and Psycho, to later films like Torn Curtain and Frenzy.

These later films are often characterized by an exuberant mix of espionage, romance, humour and suspense, though Hitchcock also had an eye for the tormented human psyche (Rebecca), and challenged several taboos (Janet Leigh’s brassiere in Psycho). Hitchcock left his mark on many art forms. His brilliant scripts and visual inventions are still impressively powerful today.

the Hitchcock Nine

The British Film Institute restored nine of Hitchcock’s early silent pictures, with the help of three films from EYE’s collections:  Hitchcock’s directorial debut The Pleasure Garden (1926), Easy Virtue (1927) and Downhill (1927).