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still Family Romance, LLC (Werner Herzog, US 2019)

Family Romance, LLC

Werner Herzog / US, 2019 / 89 min.

For Werner Herzog, there is no fundamental difference between documentary and fiction films. Strangely enough this tragicomedy, in which truth and lies interact in a surprisingly playful way, was not released in Dutch cinemas.

poster Family Romance, LLC (Werner Herzog, US 2019)
After a nine-year absence, divorced father Ishii Yūichi meets his now twelve-year-old daughter Mahiro. Slowly but steadily, the bond between the two grows. But all is not as it seems: this 'father' is in reality a stand-in hired by Mahiro's mother. Ishii runs a business, Family Romance, that supplies replacements for friends or family members – at a cost. The longer Mahiro's mother continues to pay for his services, the more awkward this situation becomes for Ishii.

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Eye Filmmuseum presents an exhibition and extensive film programme around the work of celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog. With an unorthodox oeuvre of more than seventy features, documentaries and shorts, Herzog has fascinated audiences with unforgettable stories, images and characters for more than half a century. His films grant us insights into the relationship between people and the chaotic world around them, as well as into the endless indifference of nature towards human life.

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campaign image Werner Herzog – The Ecstatic Truth
still Family Romance, LLC (Werner Herzog, US 2019)
still Family Romance, LLC (Werner Herzog, US 2019)
Ernst Reijseger at the Werner Herzog exhibition opening (© Maarten Nauw)

Interview with Ernst Reijseger

Music plays an essential role in Werner Herzog’s films. Dutch cellist and composer Ernst Reijseger has worked with Herzog for twenty years now. In our online magazine, he opens up his way of working to us and discusses his exceptional relationship with the filmmaker.

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