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still In krakende welstand (Mijke de Jong, NL 1989)

In krakende welstand

Mijke de Jong / NL, 1989 / 65 min.

Lively, documentary style portrait of life within the squatting scene in the 80's. Tensions within an Amsterdam squat mount when the council makes an offer – at a much higher rent – to the residents. Successful, atmospheric debut by Mijke de Jong.

poster In krakende welstand (Mijke de Jong, NL 1989)
Eveline is making a video report for journalism school about her squat in Amsterdam, the other residents and the squatting scene. Kaat sticks to her principles and is still involved in uncompromising actions. Michiel is also a veteran squatter, but is now embarking upon a career in advertising – the other squatters start calling him a middle-class sellout.

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Mijke de Jong

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In krakende welstand


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still In krakende welstand (Mijke de Jong, NL 1989)
still In krakende welstand (Mijke de Jong, NL 1989)
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