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still Japón (Carlos Reygadas, MX/DE 2002)


Carlos Reygadas / MX, DE, 2002 / 143 min.

Exceptional portrait of a 40-year-old living in Mexico City who decamps to a rural area to commit suicide. He finds lodgings with a deeply religious woman. She offers herself to him sexually to prevent him ending his life. Film selected by Janis Rafa.

poster Japón (Carlos Reygadas, MX/DE 2002)
Eye has dedicated an exhibition to the work of Janis Rafa which centres on the relationship between humanity and animals. Janis Rafa about her selection Japón: "What I find strong about this film is the realism with which lonesomeness and the land are portrayed. And his film has elements such as hunting, local life, dead bodies, which I also use often. But I mostly connect to the end scene: it is really like a piece of video art. I see it as the heart of the film."

"The choreography of the camera forms a poetic sum-up of the film, that does not necessarily have to do with the story itself. The tracking shot is like an epilogue, a farewell to its characters. The whole setup becomes like a sculptural installation. Japón is one of the films that made me interested in the way you can tell a story through the choreography of the camera."

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Carlos Reygadas

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Janis Rafa

Eye Filmmuseum presents a solo exhibition by artist and filmmaker Janis Rafa. Spoken language rarely features in her evocative films and video installations; she focuses instead on the silent presence of non-humans, allowing them to become the leading force within her poetic compositions. Her narratives emphasise animalistic instincts, untamed behaviours and inabilities to coexist, alongside human fears, expectations and failure.

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campaign image Janis Rafa – Feed me. Cheat me. Eat me.
still Japón (Carlos Reygadas, MX/DE 2002)
still Japón (Carlos Reygadas, MX/DE 2002)
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