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EXPOSED is Eye Filmmuseum's community for and by young culture lovers and offers young adults the opportunity to further develop themselves both personally and professionally through coaching, inspiration sessions and masterclasses.

EXPOSED opening Ryoji Ikeda © Jurre Rompa
© Jurre Rompa

With EXPOSED, Eye wants to offer a stage for young adults' own stories and ideas in the fields of film and visual culture. Through activities related to film and visual culture, young adults contribute - based on their own wants and needs - to (social) themes, various target groups and partners of Eye.

Main focuses
1. Beginning Talent: EXPOSED puts young creative talent in the spotlight, offers a platform for them and lets its followers discover these talents. When scouting this creative talent, EXPOSED pays attention to diversity in cultural disciplines, gender, cultural background, sexual identity, and education level.
2. Thematic & Social Urgency: EXPOSED takes themes that are relevant to the target group as its starting-off point, in order to connect with their perception of the world. What occupies young adults? How can EXPOSED respond to this and make the connection to film?

EXPOSED organisation

The EXPOSED team consists of an EXPOSED Coordinator and four EXPOSED members.

Through coaching, inspiration sessions and masterclasses with professionals from both the organisation and externally, the four EXPOSED members are given the opportunity to further develop themselves both personally and professionally. They go through a talent development process in which they gain work experience by setting up activities themselves, being coached by colleagues, and exchanging peer-to-peer with colleagues. EXPOSED members and Eye employees learn from each other and exchange experiences. The exchange with peers from other communities also contributes to the development of their talents and the broadening of their network.

The EXPOSED members are recruited through an inclusive process and receive a maximum of three 12-month contracts in total. This way, the EXPOSED team remains young and growth and advancement within or outside the organisation is stimulated.

EXPOSED's target group consists of young adults between 20 and 30 years old with different interests and talents in the field of art and culture. Together they form a community and a demographic reflection of the young adults from Greater Amsterdam.

EXPOSED is a source of inspiration, and a driving force for innovation within Eye. In addition to collaborating with the target group and other young adult communities in the Netherlands, EXPOSED intends to enter into an international online exchange with peers after two years.



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EXPOSED is made possible in part by VSB fund

EXPOSED: Male Femininity in Eye foyer © Bete van Meeuwen
© Bete van Meeuwen
EXPOSED: Male Femininity in Eye's Cinema 1 © Bete van Meeuwen
© Bete van Meeuwen
EXPOSED opening Alex van Warmedam © Jurre Rompa
© Jurre Rompa