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MovieZone is Eye Filmmuseum’s youth platform. MovieZone wants to be a place where young people from diverse backgrounds are given the space to develop their own initiatives with coaching.

The audience during a MovieZone event in one of the cinemas
© Ilyas Gün

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Young people with an interest in film and visual culture are inspired with various masterclasses and workshops. Among other things, they learn how to create video content for the MovieZone channels; we also help them build a network in the audiovisual sector. We focus on visual culture in the broadest sense of the word.

MovieZone organises various events for the community throughout the year, which are free to everyone.

Below is an overview of the talent development programmes.

Social Club

For young people who are interested in visual culture but are not quite sure which direction they want to take, the so-called 'new kids on the block'. They participate in inspiration sessions and develop content for the MovieZone social media channels. Skills that are being worked on are concept development, branding, pitching, and networking.

MovieZone Social Club (© Jim de Vries)
© Jim de Vries
MovieZone Editorial Board (© Jim de Vries)
© Jim de Vries

Editorial board

MovieZone's external editorial team consists of makers who have been working on visual culture for some time, in various disciplines. The team consists of five members who individually, or in collaboration with external partners (including Alien Mag, Girls in Film), create innovative content that is relevant to the target group.

Creative Producers

Creative Producers use film and visual culture as a means of entering into a dialogue with the public. They participate in inspiration sessions and develop events, from start to finish. Creative Producers are engaged in research, concept development, pitching, programming, and production.

MovieZone Creative Producers (© Jim de Vries)
© Jim de Vries
MovieZone Professionalisation process
© Quinty Foort

Professionalisation process

The aim is to support young people in shaping a professional practice in the film and media world, in order to take the first steps in the professional field. The project is a collaboration with de Kazerne incubator and production company Czar Amsterdam.

MovieZone Talent screening (© Maryam Touzani)
© Maryam Touzani

Talent screening

Three young people receive guidance in compiling a (film) programme. They decide which angle the programme will have and which speakers, films and video fragments fit in well with it. The aim is to put a spotlight on talented makers.

MovieZone always organizes this programme in collaboration with varying external parties who provide substantive input and contribute ideas. Previous collaboration partners were Alien Mag and Kutmannen.


Two aspiring makers have the opportunity to realize a short film with production company Millstreet Films. They gain experience and build a portfolio. There is also room for three interns to participate in the disciplines of set design, camera and production. Aware is part of the De Ontmoeting financing process.

All MovieZone participants receive compensation for their work.

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Silver Screen - The silver screen has long been much more than just the silver screen.

Last year (2021), one of MovieZone's youth teams, the Social Club, worked on a branding video. They looked at what the most important message is from our youth community and why MovieZone is making such an impact on the new generation of filmmakers.

Together with film production company Vigics, director Robbert Doelwijt Jr. and MovieZone alumnus Ian Del Angel have worked hard for the Social Clubbers in the process from concept to actual shooting day.

Not only in front of the scenes but also behind the scenes, we have proven the strength of our community. At MovieZone we're extremely proud of the end result, will you help us expand our community?

Silver Screen
is a film by Amin Markai, Annemarie Eijlders, Chamique Anasagasti, Shakil Voss, Mees Wagenmaker, Nahla Attahi, Cheriva Volney, Sam Olson, Vincent van den Brink, Alicia Monsma, Lieve Goedhart, Angie Louws, Chardennay Martis, Uriēl Matahelumual and Shanella Bleecke.

Director: Robbert Doelwijt Jr.
Video + Edit: Ian Del Angel

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Would you like to join one of the clubs or know more about MovieZone? Please contact Harriët Mbonjani.

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MovieZone Social Club (© Angie Louws)
© Angie Louws