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On this page, you'll find financial statements, annual reports, policy documents and other documentation downloads.


Anbi status Eye Filmmuseum 2023 (in Dutch)

Policy documents

Collection policy 2023

De Codes: Governance Code Cultuur, Code Diversiteit & Inclusie, Fair Practice Code 2022 (in Dutch)

Activity plan 2021-2024 (in Dutch)

Amended Activity plan 2021-2024 BIS (in Dutch)

Heritage act Activity plan (in Dutch)

Eye Coronabijlage 2021-2024 (in Dutch)

Eye Toelichting Prestatieoverzicht 2021-2024 (in Dutch)

Collection policy 2018-2021

Eye policy plan 2017-2020 (in Dutch)

Collection policy 2014-2017

Eye policy plan 2012-2016 (in Dutch)

Business plan and partner program 2010 (in Dutch)

Annual reports (in Dutch)







Financial statements (in Dutch)







Accountability Heritage Act

Visitation report 2022 (in Dutch)


General Purchasing Conditions (in Dutch)


As guardian of the Dutch film heritage, Eye Filmmuseum has the duty to guarantee the long-term preservation of both its analogue and its digital collections, and to ensure that they remain accessible to users. Eye aims to make its policy and practice transparent and measurable. It is for this reason that Eye has decided to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification of its digital film archive. The CoreTrustSeal certificate covers various areas: organisation, technology, processes, procedures, documentation, finance, legal aspects and personnel. Obtaining certification by meeting the guidelines set by CoreTrustSeal demonstrates that the repository is a reliable, digitally sustainable and accessible archive. The policy document 'The digital film archive at Eye Filmmuseum' (2022) outlines Eye's policy with regard to digital sustainability. This document supplements Eye’s Collection Policy Plan. A part of the documentation to which reference is made in the CoreTrustSeal application is publicly available below:

The digital film archive at Eye Filmmuseum (2022)

The Eye Filmmuseum Digital Film Registration Model (2018)

Recommendations of the Catalogue Project Group, Eye (2021)

Controlling the cost of long-term digital accessibility; a cost model for long-term digital accessibility, IPRES (2019)

A cost model for analysing and controlling the cost of long-term digital accessibility as a strategic decision-making tool, IPRES (2019)

Film Fund-Eye Registration Form for Film

Film Fund-Eye Registration Form for Media Art Installations

Departments involved in managing the digital film archive

Eye Rights Clearing Workflow