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Poster gallery

Eye possesses a special collection of over 55,000 unique film posters. Among them are posters from the early days of film to the latest blockbusters and arthouse films. Together, they offer an overview not only of film history but also of developments in graphic design. On view in Eye is a changing selection that reflects the regular programming.

Affichegallerij in Eye
© Martin Hogeboom

Kogarashi Monjirô: kakawari gozansen

Film: Kogarashi Monjirô: kakawari gozansen (Sadao Nakajima, JP 1972)

Poster: Kogarashi Monjirô: kakawari gozansen [Japan, 1972, 73x52] A51514

Madonna no gotoku

Film: Madonna no gotoku (Katsuo Monna, JP 1990)

Poster: Madonna no gotoku [Japan, 1990, 73x52] A51539. Design: Noriko Amagai


Film: Dreams (Akira Kurosawa, US/JP 1990)

Poster: Dreams [Japan, 1990, 103x73] A51533. Design: Hiroshi Sato

The Seven Samurai

Film: The Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa, JP 1954)

Poster: The Seven Samurai [Japan, 1969, 73x51] A47529

Shokin kubi: Isshun hachi-nin giri

Film: Shokin kubi: Isshun hachi-nin giri (Shigehiro Ozawa, JP 1972)

Poster: Shokin kubi: Isshun hachi-nin giri [Japan, 1972, 73x52] A51511

O-oku emaki

Film: O-oku emaki (Kosaku Yamashita, JP 1968)

Poster: O-oku emaki [Japan, 1968, 73x51] A12147

Chikamatsu monogatari

Film: Chikamatsu monogatari (Kenji Mizoguchi, JP 1955)

Poster: Chikamatsu monogatari [Japan, 1955, 73x51] A18732

Kaachan, shiguno iyada

Film: Kaachan, shiguno iyada (Yoshiro Kawazu, JP 1961)

Poster: Kaachan, shiguno iyada [Japan, 1961, 73x51] A18745

Uchu daikaijû dogora

Film: Uchu daikaijû dogora (Ishiro Honda, US/JP 1964)

Poster: Uchu daikaijû dogora [Japan, 1964, 73x51] A36223


Film: Unagi (Shohei Imamura, JP 1997)

Poster: Unagi [Japan, 1997, 73x52] A22879

Kishû no abarenbô

Film: Kishû no abarenbô (Nobuo Nakagawa, JP 1962)

Poster: Kishû no abarenbô [Japan, 1962, 72x51] A53402


Film: Kaseki (Masaki Kobayashi (1916-1996), JP 1975)

Poster: Kaseki [Japan, 1975, 73x52] A12564

Yukihime Shichi-henge

Film: Yukihime Shichi-henge (Onbekend, JP 1957)

Poster: Yukihime Shichi-henge [Japan, 1957, 73x52] A51552

Fushō shita shōnen

Film: Fushō shita shōnen (JP, Kanjo Miyagi, 1962)

Poster: Fushō shita shōnen [Japan, 1962, 72x51] A53421


Film: Hebano (Bunyo Kimura, JP 2008)

Poster: Hebano [Japan, 2009, 73x52] A40364


Film: Adauchi (Tadashi Imai, JP 1965)

Poster: Adauchi [Japan, 1964, 73x51] A36287